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  White Tail White
This luscious white is overflowing with flavors of Kiwi and Lemons.
$11.50  Sweet 
Just like eating grapes from the vine.
 $11.50 Sweet 
  Ravat 51
This sweet late harvest white is an old favorite. Filled with flavors of Pineapple and tropical.

Sold Out
Available April 2014
 $18.00 Sweet 
   Queen Of Diamonds
This foxy blush is overflowing with flavors of hibiscus and pink grapefruit.
Concord & Cayuga
 $11.50  Sweet
   One Eyed Cat
This zesty blush is filled with flavors of apple and cherry. 
$11.50  Sweet 
   Pecker Head Red
This juicy blend bursts with flavors of cherry, raspberry, and strawberry.
Concord, Catawba & Chelois
$11.50  Sweet 
This well rounded white is creamy with a spicy kick.
$12.00   Semi
  Landlocked White
This crisp white is great for any occasion. Filled with flavors of clementine and meyer lemon.
Riesling, Cayuga & Vidal 
 $12.00  Semi Dry
   Riesling Reserve
Refreshing flavors of green apple and lemon.
$14.00   Semi Dry
   Thigh High Delight
A light and fresh blend filled with flavors of cranberry and pomegranate.
Chardonnay & Cabernet Franc
 $12.50 Semi Dry 
  Valois Rouge 
This rich creamy full bodied red is filled with character just like the town it is named after.
Baco & Chelois
$10.50   Semi Dry
Crisp and smooth with a buttery undertone.
Stainless Steel
$14.00  Dry 
  White Cabernet Franc 
Creamy with a hint of pear and dry finish.
$14.00   Dry
   Baco Noir
A soothing medium bodied red with flavors of raspberry, blackberry and currant.
 $12.00  Dry
  Cabernet Franc 
This fruit forward red is smooth and creamy with subtle flavors of pepper, vanilla, and cherry.  
 $15.00  Dry
  Dave's Big Red
 This deep red goes well with fine cigars, skeet shooting, chocolate Labradors and Sunsets.
Merlot, Cabernet Franc & Cabernet Sauvignon
$15.00  Dry 
This bold full bodied red id filled with flavors of black currant and cherry.
 $10.50  Dry
   Bagley's Brut
This dry sparkling white is bubbling with flavors of star fruit and citrus. Great way to finish your day or start it!
$22.00  Dry 






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