"Wine Without Bull"

We are often Asked what "Wine Without Bull" means. To answer let me state that it has nothing to do with Bully Hill Vineyards. I was once the cellar foreman there and I have nothing but warm and fond memories of my days there. "Wine Without Bull" is more of an attack on the snobbery and pretentiousness that pervades the wine business. Have you ever noticed that the more pretentious and snobbish a winery is, the more uncomfortable you feel. I fail to understand how this can be conceived as a viable marketing concept. We at Poplar Ridge strive to produce wines that are pleasant and fun to drink. We believe in good wines at reasonable prices. Over the years I have made thousands of friends with this simple and fun approach to wine. I hope this attitude will make you a friend of long standing also.

- Dave Bagley, Founder

Message From Brittany Bagley

Dave Bagley, Our owner, winemaker, and my father passed away November 6, 2008. I’m sure many of you are already aware, but for those of you who have not heard, I am sure that this came as a
shock. We are all dealing with the biggest loss of many of our lives here. If you had met my father, you would have remembered him forever. He was larger than life, and touched so many people in his 57 years. He was one of a kind, always the character in his cowboy hat and boots sitting at the end of the bar, but many of you may not know that he was a founding father of the NYS wine industry. His passing shook the wine world in upstate New York. We all miss him a great deal here, and if you had the chance to meet him, you would understand the huge void we are all feeling.

I’m sure that everyone reading is worried about what may happen to your beloved winery, without Dave it won’t be the same, but I guarantee that we won’t change. I have been running the business, picking up where my father left off. Many of you may remember me from the winery. I am a college student finishing my degree in business. My dad was my hero my whole life. You will find that I enjoy many of the same pass times, including chocolate Labradors, skeet shooting, and beautiful sunsets. Most importantly the same passion my father had for this farm, winery, and the patrons that make us who we are. We will still be your favorite Redneck Chic Winery. All of the smiling faces behind the bar have been brought together by my father, and we are all dedicated to the legacy of Bagley’s Poplar Ridge.


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