Bagley's Poplar Ridge Vineyards

  Case Club

  • The first case you purchase at Bagley's will be discounted at 20% off.  You must purchase a full case to become a member.  Each additional case purchased after your first will be discounted at 25% off.
  • You must purchase a minimum of 1 case per year to uphold your membership.
  • When you visit the winery, you will receive a free tasting for yourself and another guest.
  • When you purchase four (4) cases within a year, you will receive 2 free wine glasses.  When you purchase eight (8) case within a year, you will receive 2 free bottles of wine.  When you purchase twelve (12) cases within a year, you will receive 6 free bottles of wine.
  • We will keep track of your purchases in our computer system to assist you in reaching case club goals.
  • Don't forget to tell an employee when you visit so that we may ensure you receive proper discounts on tastings and wine purchases.
  • If you opt to provide your mailing address you will also receive newsletters with additional discounts and savings throughout the year!

Bagley's Poplar Ridge Vineyards    9782 State Route 414 Hector, NY 14841   607-582-6421